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About Us: Founded in the community, for the community

Calvert Healthcare was established as a reliable link between patients and primary/supervision/urgent caregivers in the community in 2001. Ever since the day we started, we have been implementing the unique model that helps us produce the best results for you as a patient. A common language makes it easier to understand each other, and a common path makes it easier to go in the same direction – that’s why we have created the Calvert Healthcare model as the basis for everything we do.

Together, the parts create a whole for you as a patient, and in a broader sense, it shows how we do societal benefits. The model describes how we think and how we do to achieve our vision: to be a reliable partner – present and innovative.

The basis is our values: quality, social responsibility, innovation and empowerment. Together with them, we work along four cornerstones:

Patient needs

We start with those we exist for – our patients. You are not your diagnosis. We see you all and your conditions.

Modern medicine and drugs

Modern medicine rests on a foundation of science and proven experience. It presupposes good communication and high availability and is supported by equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Modern management

We are organized to work safely and efficiently and to be curious, so that we can drive development and innovation. It is the people who make the difference.

Continuous improvement

is what makes the Calvert Healthcare model spin. We set goals and measure the effect of care for you and other patients. We want to know what we are achieving and how we can get better.