Who can enroll for coverage through Maryland Health Connection?
All legal residents of Maryland who do not have access to health coverage through their employer are eligible.

What if I have an illness or disability? Can I still get insurance?
Yes. Starting in 2014, no one can be denied health coverage because of a pre- existing condition. Even if you never had health coverage before you cannot be denied.

If I enroll in one of Maryland’s qualified health plans, am I getting private insurance?
Yes. Maryland Health Connection’s role is to create a marketplace where consumers can shop, compare, and enroll in commercial insurance plans, as well as determine eligibility for Medicaid.

If I have health insurance now, will I have to use Maryland Health Connection?
No, not if you have health coverage through work or through a policy you bought on your own. But if you lose your current plan for any reason, you’ll be able to find quality health insurance that fits your budget through Maryland Health Connection.

How will it work?
As of October 1st, 2013 if you need health coverage, you can:
Shop, compare and enroll in a plan that best meets your needs
See if you are eligible for tax credits to help cover insurance costs
See if you or a family member qualifies for public health programs, such as Medicaid and Maryland Children’s Health Program