Common Mistakes Men Make When Taking ED Pills

Common Mistakes Men Make When Taking ED Pills

Drug effectiveness strongly depends on the correct usage, the doctors keep saying. Finding the right dosage, strictly following the official instruction, and your doctor’s advice – all this determines whether the pill will become a cure or a true disaster. Drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, commonly known as ED pills, are not taken seriously enough by many, used for recreational purposes, or to impress one’s partner. However, Viagra and similar medications are designed to treat erectile dysfunction and should be used carefully, preferably prescribed by a doctor. Having extensive experience in working with ED medications, we gathered some common mistakes that men make when using Viagra.

Making mistakes when taking your pills can make them less effective, at best of course. A recent study has shown that 70% of men whose problems persisted after taking the pill took ED drugs incorrectly. However, after a sort of educational program, most of them were able to benefit from Viagra and achieve a sufficient erection.

Improper drug usage may also cause harm to your health, and ED pills are no exception here. After all, drugs for ED treatment have many contraindications that should be taken into account very seriously. Otherwise, the side effects of varying severity may not only spoil the sexual experience but even endanger your life.

When taking Viagra, which is certainly the most effective drug in its kind, do it with caution to enjoy its full strength without putting your health to risk.

Do not use Viagra for recreational purposes

Viagra is designed to treat ED and not intended for healthy people. There were no clinical studies to examine how sildenafil affects men without ED, so using Viagra just to impress your partner you act at your own risk. According to the definition, erectile dysfunction is a recurring inability to achieve and maintain an erection for a sufficient amount of time. Erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed when at least 25% of sexual intercourses are unsuccessful.

Tip: seek qualified help from a healthcare professional. Although you can consult a doctor online, it is recommended to pay a visit to your local clinic before taking any ED drugs. A comprehensive examination will help to choose the drug type and its optimal dosage, as well as to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction and, possibly, eliminate them. Erectile dysfunction often indicates that the body doesn’t function properly, and timely treatment can prevent more serious problems in the future.

See medications in reliable pharmacies

Viagra pills didn’t work, although you carefully followed the instructions? Buying drugs on the web, it is easy to come across low-quality pills or dummies. However, it isn’t necessary to shell out for branded Viagra, too. Quality generic drugs can be bought through online-pharmacies, although you will have to identify the reliable ones first. One drugstore worth pointing out, a long-standing Ousu Canadian Pharmacy with plenty of positive feedback, you may access much thematic content on generics, their use as well as discounted prices. Receive consultation online, and re-confirm the said with your healthcare provider for the utmost safety.

Do not ignore dosage recommendations

The recommended dosage for Viagra is 50 mg. With a mild form of ED, the dose can be reduced to 25 mg, or increased to 100 mg for severe forms. Note than no more than one dose should be taken daily. Preferably, take 25 mg for the first time to study how your body reacts to the drug.

A common mistake in taking more Viagra to increase the performance without consulting a doctor. Men tend to increase the dosage if the first pill didn’t work as expected, or to maximize their performance in bed. Although a larger dose will probably have a stronger effect. As per the FDA, it also could lead to increased side effects including headache, nausea, myalgia, and increased cardiac workload. As a result, sexual pleasure could be completely negated. But what if Viagra didn’t work for you?

Don’t give up after the first attempt

Pills for ED treatment often work better after a few tries. Sometimes, the maximum effect is achieved after 2 or 3 uses. Take Viagra without increasing the dosage at least 4 times, an hour before sexual intercourse, and no more than 1 time per day. If the lowest effective dose gives strong side effects, or Viagra does not work even after several attempts, try other medications for ED based on tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra). Although these drugs belong to the same group — PDE5 inhibitors and have a similar mechanism of action, they work better for many men.

Try not to drink alcohol and eat too much

In reality, sex often happens after a romantic dinner, but food, especially with high-fat content, can greatly delay the onset of action for Viagra. Remember that the drug works best on an empty stomach; else, wait at least 1.5-2 hours before having sex. Finally, you may try Viagra lozenges [LINK], which are dissolved under the tongue and don’t depend on food intake.

Another common problem is alcohol, which many men find preferable when being with a new partner. Alcohol can increase the side effects of Viagra as well as act contrary to your goal, which is achieving a lasting erection. Therefore, carefully control the amount of alcohol you drink or move to other ED medications like Cialis and Levitra.

Follow the natural way

Contrary to the popular belief, Viagra affects physical processes underlying erection but not the libido itself. To make the medication work, sexual desire, stimulation, and arousal are necessary. While for some visual stimulation might be enough to cause an erection, others will need longer foreplay and this, among other things, depends on the severity of erectile dysfunction. In other words, Viagra helps to achieve a natural erection, so you shouldn’t expect a miracle and go through a sort of foreplay as you naturally do.

Don’t ignore the contraindications

Viagra is often seen as a miracle remedy that grants stone-hard erection. However, this medication can cause equally strong adverse effects if contraindications and drug interactions are not taken into account. The number of such contraindications, unfortunately, isn’t low. For instance, severe cardiovascular diseases are an absolute contraindication for using Viagra because sexual activity is in general dangerous for this group. This also applies to acute liver failure, some types of visual impairment, penis deformities, being allergic to some drug components. The complete list of contraindications and drug interactions can be found here.

Not sure whether you can take Viagra? Consult a healthcare professional to avoid any possible problems related to ED medication.

To sum up, insufficient knowledge about Viagra presents a serious problem for men with erectile dysfunction. Taking ED pills in the wrong way, you might be easily disappointed because of side effects or lack of effect. However, according to the study, more than 70% of disappointed men are able to get benefits from Viagra after some “re-education”. Before starting your medication, be sure to read the instructions carefully and remember that consulting a doctor is still the best thing to do. Only a doctor can correctly assess your health condition, prescribe Viagra, and determine your optimal dosage.