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Healthcare at your Fingertips

Calvert Healthcare is in the business of keeping your whole family healthy with a wide range of care services spanning from primary to supervision, including emergency and Covid care, finding the right products and pandemics solutions to our best capacities.

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Founded in the community,
for the community

Since 2001, Calvert Healthcare has been performing a multitude of tasks aimed at helping uninsured and budget-conscious patients receive medicating and medical assistance in the Calvert community. Reliable and hands-on, our help is made-to-measure for patient needs and includes sustainable drug supplies.
Why Calvert?

History and Experience

With our expertise in solving specific problems, you will find that relying on us in matters of health solves your problems in a hassle-free way.

Health issues tend to manifest themselves with a short to no notice. We are equipped to provide solutions in a quick-response manner you can depend on.

Our vision at Calvert Healthcare is to improve the health of people every day. We want to make a difference for our patients by seeing, listening, and being here – today and throughout life, especially during those turbulent times when extra support is required for those who have experienced Covid-19, those with compromised health who cannot afford to contract the disease and require reliable prevention, or those who are combatting the consequences of the virus.

Calvert Healthcare offers a wide and high-quality range of care through our dispense pharmacies and similar services in the community. Our patients can also get help via our digital services. In our daily work, we work based on our values: quality, corporate social responsibility, innovation, and empowerment.

They help us fulfill our promise to be a reliable partner – present and innovative. Everything we do is based on you as a patient: your medical needs and your individual conditions. The goal is for you to get the best possible medical results and quality of life. And that you should be happy every time you have contact with us. Since 2001, Calvert Healthcare has been part of the go-to care in the community, from primary to urgent care. Together we improve public health – one individual at a time!

Areas of expertise

Find quick and reliable solutions to the following conditions:

Calvert HealthCare Team

Larry Polsky, MD

Michelle Folsom, MD

Dean Teague, CHE


Health Partners Clinic

Get your health concerns attended to without leaving your home. The service is directed to busy individuals who are looking for failproof health solutions on the go. Our specialty is ensuring your fast and lasting recovery.

Frequently asked questions about our service

Here we have collected the answers to the most common questions we receive from our patients. Can’t find the answer to your particular question? Please contact us! All questions are welcome – no question is too small or too big.

Seek care online or contact your health center in another way. In this way, your personal information is handled securely and we can guarantee confidentiality.

We can facilitate (mediate) the purchase of a wide range of products via our referral pharmacies that dispense medications, including the ones required for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 and other conditions prevailing in the community.

Calvert Healthcare provides safe and secure care. Our staff is fully responsible for your satisfaction. If you need a physical visit, you will receive help with booking an appointment at one of your local health centers. The service gives you the same opportunity for safe diagnosis and treatment as a physical visit to the health center.

An online visit works just like a regular care visit, but takes place remotely via chat (sometimes video calls depending on the case). You get assessment, advice and help from us via your computer, tablet or smartphone. You choose if you want to contact us when we are online or leave the screen and come back when it suits you. You can always take the time you need to answer our questions and familiarize yourself with the advice you receive. In some cases, for example if you seek help for skin problems, you have the opportunity to send us a photo to facilitate assessment.

We can always help you with the advice about the right specialist to book, if necessary, help you with a referral.